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Yellow Flies and Biting Insects: NO PROBLEM!

Natural Shield Yellow Fly and Biting Insect Repellent
Full range of Natural Shield Yellow Fly and Biting Insect Repellants

Yellow Fly and Biting Insect RepellentNatural Shield is a proven, all-natural bug repellent that is safe for all ages and REALLY WORKS!



Keep the Bugs AWAY!

Natural Shield comes in an 8oz Spray, 8oz Lotion, 8oz Body Butter and Soy Candle. Don’t let Yellow Flies and other biting bugs keep you and your family from enjoying the outdoors. Here on the Florida Gulf Coast, we get Yellow Flies every spring. The weather is warming up and you want to get outside and enjoy the beach or fishing or any other outdoor activity. But as soon as you feel that first bite you wind up heading back indoors to get away from those pesky and painful biting insects.

You can purchase Natural Shield on the  Little Yellow Bench Website

We have all tried the usual popular bug sprays (didn’t work) and someone’s great aunt’s secret lotion (didn’t work and smelled funny). It seems like everyone we talked to said they had given up trying to find something, anything that would keep the bugs away. So we got motivated and started experimenting by blending different natural oils and other ingredients. It didn’t take too long until we found the right combination that WORKED!

And since all the ingredients are natural, we called it Natural Shield.

Smells as good as it Repels!

The fragrance we use in our Natural Shield products is wonderful. It’s a result of the combination of essential oils used in it. Natural Shield is SAFE for all ages and all of the products are great for your skin since they contain Aloe Vera.


If it works in the South it’ll work ANYWHERE!

Natural Shield was developed on the NW Florida Gulf Coast and has been used throughout the Southeast United States, some of the buggiest areas in the world. Here locally we get Yellow Flies every spring and they can REALLY be a pain if you’re trying to enjoy relaxing on the sand at one of our beautiful Emerald Coast beaches. We have so many reasons to get outdoors; camping, fishing, boating, horseback riding (works great on horses too!), hiking, hunting, SUP boarding, the list is huge and now there is no reason NOT to get outside year round!

So this Spring make your outdoor plans and have plenty of NATURAL SHIELD on hand!


You can purchase Natural Shield on the  Little Yellow Bench Website