Natural Shield: The Story

Natural Shield Yellow Fly Repellent works for Mosquitoes Ticks Fleas and all biting insects

After spending too many spring days running from yellow flies I decided to start looking into oils that I could add to our popular  Little Yellow Bench Natural Skin Lotion.

I wanted a product that was good for my skin AND shields me from annoying biting insects.

I tried different types of scented oils. Our first test was on my husband and me with Natural Shield on me and nothing on Stuart, my husband. Having our morning devotional outside on our Yellow Bench, not one yellow fly landed on me but Stu was bitten many times!

I gave out samples in different areas here in Northwest Florida and everyone came back saying, “Finally, our kids can play outside again!”

One postal worker, seeing kids playing outside, asked how they were able to do it without getting bit. When they told her it was a new lotion she got some and has been wearing it ever since.

Natural Shield placed 3rd (behind ‘Off’ and ‘Cutter’) in the 2017 Best of Louisianna Outdoors awards under one of our private labels with Bayou Adventures.

If you are anywhere that has problems with mosquitos, ticks, biting flies and insects you will LOVE Natural Shield!

Our Natural Shield handmade products include spray, lotion, body butter, and soy candles.


We carry them at The Little Yellow Bench and you can order them online here